I am a visual storyteller. I typically describe myself as a photographer and designer, but those words confine much of what I love and who I truly am.

I picked up photography while I was a high school student. And my dreams and hopes of photographing people continue to grow every single day. If I affect a single person by something I make, my soul is beyond satisfied.

I fluently speak shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.  Similarly, I am well versed in nearly all things Adobe. Also, good branding is one of my most favorite things. I studied advertising at the University of Georgia in the Classic City. Originating from the South, I love all things fried and sweet. And most importantly, Jesus is my hope.

Stay awesome.

Many of my clients are in Southeast Georgia or the Athens area, but it's fine if you're not. I can still serve you. I'm always up for a new adventure!

My passion for creating art has only grown since the first time I picked up a camera. The feeling I get from capturing amazing moments through my lens is second to none. I am humbled by these opportunities. If you are interested in getting in front of my camera, drop me a line. I cannot wait to speak with you! Message me below or email me directly.